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Polifonia was born from the need of a musical, artistic and creative identity
inside Politecnico and after - many maybe too many -
stories of students forced to stop playing music because of the amount of
study they had to deal with.

Everything harmoniously started with a chat and a guitar on a lawn. Soon
after that, we united the competences and attitudes of various students in
order to create something real and open to everyone.

Our goal is to allow the students to express themselves through bands,
acoustic ensembles, choirs and solo artists and at the same time to give
them spaces and opportunities to perform.

We are waiting for you!


Who our members are

Chi sono i nostri soci(1).png

Polifonia’s members come from all Politecnico di Milano’s departments. If
you are interested in joining our community
click here!

Statute and regulations


Internal Regulation

Electoral Regulation

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